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Advanced Brazillian

Waxing Techniques Masterclass

Online Course releasing Spring 2023!! $999

Pre-sale avail @ 50% OFF

Connect with me for payment method and more info. (online checkout coming soon)

Most comprehensive Brazilian Wax Online training ever created. My 18 years experiences with tips and tricks to perform a fast, thorough & flawless Brazilian in this very lucrative industry. (Time is money)

Manual- Includes all my hacks, exactly what I use, tips and tricks, that can only be acquired after 18 years of Brazilian Waxing.


x5 Brazilian wax demos of me explaining as it goes. Plus size, pregnancy & different ethnicities etc... (you get it ALL )


Demos on dummy model with life like Vagina. How to deal with piercings & tampons etc..


Extremely in depth course which will make you feel 1000% confident to execute a perfect 15 min Brazillian.


Social media and basic SEO skills


Photo/video editing tips & tricks


Full vendor list




Lifelong support mentorship

Let's Connect! Contact me to set up a discovery session! I would love to help you reach your goals and flourish with your business! Let's chat!

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