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Very Best Me FAQ's

Q: What if I’m coming straight from work, on my lunch break or the gym
and haven’t had time to shower before my appointment?

A: Do not stress if you haven’t had time to freshen up or are in a hurry
and coming from the gym, work and busyness of life. I have refresher
wipes and everything you need  here to prep for your wax.

Q: How long does my hair need to be before a wax?
A: 3-4 weeks of growth to give you the perfect Brazilian! Hair has different life cycles. Although you may think you have a lot of hair, their will be some that are to short to wax. All must be able to adhere correctly to the wax. I use a specialty blend of Hard wax which bonds around your hair and pulls it out by the roots! It does not
adhere to skin; as a result NO chance of skin trauma! Your hair follicles
may be angry; but that is normal and I provide supplies for purchase for your aftercare treatment! This
helps close and heal the follicles fast!

Q: Can I shave between my wax sessions?
Resist the urge to shave between sessions. Shaving chafes the skin,
creates sharper, coarser hair and encourages growth!

Q: What exactly do I do prior to my wax to ensure the smoothest,
longest lasting results?

A: Exfoliate the day/eve before. The best way to do this is: Take a warm
shower or bath. Do your routine. However after step out and take a dry
towel then scrub/rub/exfoliate the area (s) which you are having waxed.
Doing this step after your shower/bath routine is a way better exfoliation
of the skin. The skin is soft and the dead skin and microscopic debris
are easily sloughed off thus ensuring a perfectly thorough removal. As
well dry brushing OR using a gentle exfoliating scrub or acne cleanser
also helps and is recommended every week in your skincare routine
between waxes. 

Q: I am stressed! It’s my first wax! I’m embarrassed! I’ve birthed children
and my vagina looks different! I’m scared! I am too skinny! I am to fat!
My skin is so loose! I have scars! My anxiety is sky high!..... All the false
things we speak to ourselves sometimes ;(

A: PLEASE know that ALL these thoughts are normal! Firstly I am a
mother of 2 boys and birthed their huge bodies; I am the last person to
judge! I assure you that NO vagina is alike! We are ALL perfect just the
way we are! No body is the same! All the social media, magazines and
movies; they are so edited creating a false image! No one looks like
this! SO BREATHE... Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can.
Like a lot of things in life, the anticipation is often worse than the actual
event. I assure you that you are in amazing, experienced and caring
hands. I am a Licensed esthetician since 2005 and I specialize in
Advanced Brazilian Wax and Full Body Waxing. I as well am an
An educator for these techniques. This is your experience and I will coach
you through every step and make it quick! It's not even 0.1% of your day
being uncomfortable to weeks of no hair! Hair grows back softer and
weaker hair follicles each time! Each time it gets easier! You’ve
got this! I promise!

Q: Is there anything I can do to take ease the discomfort?
A: Medicate if you must. if you’re concerned about the potential for pain,
take an extra-strength Advil or Tylenol 1.5 hour prior; this will take off
the edge. However, remember it will be over before you know it. Being
fuzz-free is so worth a couple minutes of discomfort! In addition, I have a
topical numbing agent that is 5% Lidocaine. You must purchase a tube
0.1% of my clients use this. This is an
extreme measure and it is not needed; however, if you have an extreme
fear than please purchase this ahead of time. As well when you are
PMS-ING (3-5 days before menstruation) This is the most sensitive
time. Not only physically but emotionally as well! The moment your
period starts (menstruation) this sensitivity is gone. This brings us to the
next question…

Q: I am on my period (menstruation)! I am about to start my period! I am
spotting! I just started my period on the day of my Brazilian wax! The list
goes on….

A: No worries! Again I have been performing this service since 2005
and am comfortable with womanly functions and ALL body parts! Simply
put a tampon/diva cup in right before your appointment and when you arrive you
may use the refresher wipes and you are good to go! Same as going to
the doctors! Educated! Precise! Clean! Sanitized and Caring!

Q: I am plus size and overweight. Can I still get waxed?
A: 100,000% YES!!!! Again I am skilled since 2005! I effortlessly position
you and place/hold skin exactly where is needed for a quick and
thorough wax! I am myself plus size so I am familiar with all that needs
to be done! My Extra large and solid waxing hydraulic table can hold up to 800 lbs

Q: I am concerned about cleanliness, diseases and sanitization! I don’t
want to get a disease!

A: I am Health Board Certified! I am certified up to date with my
Bloodborne Pathogens & Worksite safety credentials! This is something
that I update yearly! You will see the Certificates on my wall! I truly care
about my valued clients. It would be non ethical to not have
these standards in effect! Your health and mine are maintained in the
highest regard. All my procedures use Medical Grade
sanitation/disinfection procedures!

Please do not hesitate to call/text if you have any further questions.
We can be reached anytime! 

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